Technical tours

The third day of the conference was dedicated to optional technical tours to tunnels in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

croix rousse

Croix Rousse Tunnel - Lyon

The Croix Rousse tunnel is located within the heart of the city of Lyon and has a total AADT of 43,000 vehicles. It was initially a single-tube bi-directional tunnel with a length of 1.8km. A second tube was opened in 2013 within the scope of major refurbishment works. This second tube acts as a safety gallery for users in the event of an incident in the road tunnel. An innovative approach was adopted with regard to its construction, as in addition to its primary safety function, this parallel gallery is also dedicated to environmentally-friendly modes of transport (buses, cyclists and pedestrians). Light shows are also regularly projected onto the tunnel walls.

croix rousse

Violay, Bussière and Chalosset Tunnels: A89 motorway

The Violay, Bussière and Chalosset tunnels (respectively 3.9, 1.060 and 0.7km in length) are located about an hour away from Lyon on the A89 motorway, which links Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand. They each have a total AADT of 21, 000 vehicles. This new motorway was opened in 2013 and all three twin-tube tunnels comply with the technical and organisational provisions of European Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels on the trans-European road network.

mont blanc

Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Mont Blanc Tunnel (11.6km) is a bi-directional cross-border tunnel enabling users to cross the Alps between France and Italy. It is located about two and a half hours away from Lyon and has a total AADT of 3,600 light vehicles and 1,600 heavy vehicles. After new regulations came into force in the 2000s, this tunnel underwent major refurbishment. Today, it is considered a world reference in terms of road tunnel organisation and safety.


Fréjus Tunnel

The Fréjus tunnel (12.9km) is a cross-border bi-directional tunnel crossing the Alps between France and Italy. It is located about two and a half hours away from Lyon and has a total AADT of 2,900 light vehicles and 2,000 heavy vehicles. In addition to the refurbishment works conducted after new regulations came into force in the 2000s, a second tube is currently under construction.

A training centre for tunnel intervention techniques is located in the vicinity of the French side of the tunnel ( This centre welcomes trainees from various backgrounds on an all year round basis (tunnel operators, public or private emergency service teams, underground works personnel, industry stakeholders….). The centre can be used as a technical platform and test centre by suppliers of fire resistant materials or safety equipment. The technical visit  notably focused on this equipment and the rescue means available for this tunnel.

Technical tour registration included:

  • transport by coach to the tunnel site
  • guided tour given by tunnel operator personnel
  • lunch