Terms of Sale

General terms and conditions of sale for exhibitors/sponsors

General terms and conditions of sale

These terms and conditions govern admission to, and attendance at the PIARC International Conference on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety for exhibitors/sponsors.

The conference is organised by Evénements Pluriel (hereafter the “Organiser”). The Organiser reserves the right to amend or supplement these terms and conditions without notice, in the interest of the safety of goods and persons. The Organiser shall notify the exhibitor/sponsor thereof by any appropriate means.

Terms and conditions of attendance

1. Submission of a signed attendance request form shall constitute a firm commitment.

2. Attendance shall only be confirmed upon receipt of a duly completed and signed attendance request form, along with a 50% down-payment of the attendance fee. Where the exhibitor/sponsor withdraws from the event, the Organiser shall retain the initial down-payment.

3. Where the exhibitor/sponsor fails to make payment by the deadline without prior notice, a late payment charge equivalent to 5% of the tax-inclusive fee shall apply for each additional day.

4. Where the exhibitor/sponsor fails to pay the outstanding balance by the stated deadline, the Organiser shall be entitled, without giving notice, to withdraw its admission and/or cancel its stand. In any event, the exhibitor/sponsor shall be required to pay the amount due to the Organiser.

5. The Organiser may reject an attendance request without giving reason.

6. Only registered legal entities (companies, organisations and associations) shall be entitled to exhibit at the conference.

7. The exhibitor/sponsor may not sublet all or part of its stand, whether free of charge or in return for payment, under any circumstances.


1. Where the exhibitor/sponsor wishes to withdraw from the event, it must give notice in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

2. In the event of cancellation, the registration shall remain payable to the Organiser as follows:

- Between 1 March 2018 and 31 August 2018: 50% of the fee.

- On or after 1 September 2018: 100% of the fee by way of compensatory damages.

Conference arrangements, cancellation or modification

1. The Organiser shall determine the conference dates, venue and timings.

2. The Organiser reserves the right to postpone the conference and modify the advertised timings, notably in the event of a case of force majeure or for other imperative reasons. The exhibitor/sponsor shall receive official notice of any such changes. Postponement of the event or a change of timings shall not entitle the exhibitor/sponsor to cancel its registration, in whole or in part. 

3. The Organiser may cancel or postpone the conference if registration numbers are insufficient. In such an event, the down-payment or fee shall be refunded to the exhibitor/sponsor. Up to the registration closing date, the exhibitor/sponsor shall bear all risks that may arise in the event that the conference does not go ahead, including any costs incurred in preparation for the event.

4. The Organiser may also cancel or postpone the conference in the event of a case of force majeure, defined for the purpose of these terms and conditions as any circumstances that could not reasonably have been foreseen, are beyond the Organiser’s control, and render it impossible for the event to go ahead, or risk problems or disruption likely to severely impact the organisation and smooth running of the event or jeopardise the safety of goods and persons. In such an event, the down-payment shall be refunded to the exhibitor in full. No further compensatory damages shall be payable.

5. The Organiser hereby declines any and all liability for harm occasioned to the exhibitor/sponsor.

Stand allocation

1. The Organiser shall produce a room plan and allocate the stands at its discretion, taking the exhibitor/sponsor’s preferences into account wherever possible. No compensation shall be payable for admission or stand allocation decisions.

2. When allocating stands, the Organiser shall take account of the order in which the attendance request forms were received.

3. The exhibitor/sponsor shall not be entitled to withdraw from the conference or request a refund or compensation in the event of changes to the plan and stand allocation.

4. The Organiser declines any and all liability for minor discrepancies between the advertised dimensions and the actual dimensions of the stand, or for modifications to the environment around the stands (changes to neighbouring stands, reconfiguration of the aisles, etc.).


Exhibitor/sponsor’s obligations

1. The exhibitor may not host a non-affiliated company at its stand without the Organiser’s prior written consent. 

2. Admission shall be definitively and irrevocably binding on the exhibitor/sponsor, which must adhere strictly to the rules set out in these general terms and conditions and the special terms and conditions contained in the exhibitor’s pack. Any exhibitor/sponsor that breaches these rules may be expelled from the event. No refund or compensation of whatever nature shall be due in such an event.

3. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes only to display products or services that comply with French law, not to engage in false or misleading advertising, and not to engage in copyright violation or unfair competition. The Organiser declines any and all responsibility in the event that the exhibitor/sponsor breaches this requirement.

4. The Organiser may ask that any contentious products be removed from display at any time. Any exhibitor/sponsor that breaches these obligations shall automatically be expelled from the conference, either temporarily or permanently.

Stand layout and decor 

1. The exhibitor/sponsor shall be responsible for decorating and arranging its stand as it sees fit.

2. At the end of the event, the exhibitor/sponsor shall return the stand in its original condition. The exhibitor/sponsor shall pay for any damage that it causes, or that is caused by its installations, equipment or goods.

3. The Organiser reserves the right to demand that the exhibitor/sponsor change to the stand layout and decor or remove any items that are detrimental to the overall appearance of the event, that inconvenience neighbouring exhibitors, that block the aisles, or that fail to comply with the pre-submitted plans and documents.

4. The exhibitor/sponsor must adhere to the Palais des Congrès safety rules, as mentioned in the technical documentation.

5. The Organiser shall determine the stand set-up and packing away timetable, and shall inform the exhibitor/sponsor of the timings in advance in the technical documentation. Where the exhibitor/sponsor fails to pack away its stand as required, the Organiser shall carry out the work at the exhibitor/sponsor’s cost and risks. 

6. The Organiser reserves the right to inspect the products or services on display and to demand the removal of any that are contrary to the purpose of the event.

7. The exhibitor/sponsor may only display products and services at its stand that comply with applicable safety standards, and with fire safety standards in particular. The exhibitor/sponsor must ensure that all materials used, including dyes and carpeting, are legally compliant. The Organiser reserves the right, at any time, to have non-compliant installations removed or destroyed.

Stand conduct

1. There must be a permanent, competent human presence at the stand during event opening hours. The exhibitor/sponsor must treat all visitors and other attendees politely and courteously at all times, in a manner compliant with the general interests of the conference. 

2. If the exhibitor/sponsor behaves in a manner that jeopardises the smooth running of the event, it may be temporarily or permanently excluded by the Organiser, in part or in full.

3. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes not to pack away its stand before the event closes.


Under no circumstances may the exhibitor/sponsor distribute leaflets or other materials away from its stand, or advertise on behalf of a non-exhibiting company or brand.


If the exhibitor/sponsor intends to provide entertainment (music, games, shows, etc.) at its stand, it must seek prior consent from the Organiser, which will check to ensure that the proposed entertainment is in keeping with the spirit of the event, and that it does not cause excessive noise or visual disturbance.

If the exhibitor/sponsor fails to comply with these requirements, the power supply to its stand may be cut without notice. The exhibitor/sponsor may not claim any compensation from the Organiser in such an event. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes to obtain and pay for the necessary licences to broadcast music at its stand, including a SACEM licence.

Admission to the event

1. Only individuals in possession of a ticket, or authorised to enter by the Organiser, shall be admitted to the premises.

Only admission tickets issued by the Organiser shall be valid. If the exhibitor/sponsor wishes to issue branded tickets, it must first submit a copy of the proposed design to the Organiser and obtain its consent.

2. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to, or to expel any person whose conduct causes a disturbance to other attendees.


1. The exhibitor/sponsor must comply with applicable laws at all times, including safety laws.

2. Any machines used at the stands must be registered with the Organiser beforehand and must comply with applicable laws.

3. The stand set-up and layout work must be completed prior to the Safety Commission’s inspection. The exhibitor/sponsor must be physically present during the inspection to provide the requested information and certificates.

4. The Organiser declines any and all liability for changes requested by the Safety Commission.


1. The Organiser declines any and all liability for damage caused to the goods on display, of whatever nature and for whatever reason. 

2. The exhibitor shall retain custody of the exhibited equipment and items throughout the conference, and during set-up and removal. The fact that the Organiser has its own safety service shall not imply that it is liable for the custody of such equipment and items.

3. The Organiser and the Palais des Congrès decline any and all liability for loss or damage, of whatever nature, suffered by the exhibitor/sponsor as a result of a problem with the building due to fire, storm, severe weather, lightning, civil unrest, attack, war, industrial action, strike, lock-out, explosion, accident, force majeure, or any other circumstances beyond their control. Similarly, the exhibitor/sponsor cannot hold them liable if the conference cannot be held in the building for similar reasons.

4. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes to take out an insurance policy covering the total value of its stand, the content of its stand and all associated equipment and hardware.

5. The exhibitor/sponsor is required to take out a public liability insurance policy. Any exhibitor/sponsor that cannot provide evidence that it has paid its public and third-party liability insurance premiums may be refused entry to the event.

General provisions 

1. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes to adhere to the rules set out in the exhibitor’s guide as provided by the Organiser.

2. The exhibitor/sponsor undertakes to comply with applicable employment law and shall desist from employing undocumented workers.

Complaints and disputes

The parties shall seek to resolve any disputes that may arise amicably. Where an amicable settlement cannot be reached within a reasonable time frame, the matter shall be referred exclusively to the courts having jurisdiction over the Organiser’s registered office.